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Ammie Gorton

Anti-inflammatory Oil

Elke you are amazing!! The jar of ointment you sent me to try is absolute liquid gold!!! I put it on my poor dodgy ankle when going to bed last night and not long after the tendons and ligaments didn't feel anywhere near as tight and in the morning there were no lame/painful steps when I first got up!!

I also rubbed it on my wrist and arm that I have carpel tunnel in and my shoulder that I have damaged and inflamed the bursar ( I take a daily slow release anti inflammatory for this but the script ran out last week and I haven't had a chance to get to the chemist) Omg!!! First night I haven't woken up in pain and tears in a long time! No numb and painful right arm or left shoulder!! My husband is going to be so appreciative of this stuff and my non restless nights! You are an absolute genius!

Graham Burgar

Healing Salve

We used Elke's salve on one of our dairy cows that had a severely lacerated teat. Before using Elke's salve the teat was continuously weeping and causing a great deal of pain for the cow, within a couple days of use of the salve there had been a remarkable improvement in the teat condition and appearance. By the end of a couple weeks of continual use the teat returned to its normal condition.

We are extremely impressed with Elke's salve and have no hesitation in recommending the salve to anyone.

John Potts

Anti-Inflammatory Oil
OMG Elke, I am totally amazed! Yesterday I could not move my shoulder or arm without pain and after only one application of your Anti-Inflammatory Oil over the affected area I have 95% movement with 0% pain. Well done young lady & thank you very much!

Allison Park

Healing Salve
Can't say I'm entirely satisfied - I'm freaking over the moon!!!! Cat had a reaction to yearly needles 7 years ago. Vet bill, steroids and cream every year. Within 2 weeks of using your salve, not only is it healing, but he finally has fur growing back. You are a clever little duck!!!

Catherine Martin Booth

Anti-Inflammatory Oil
My husband had a wrestling match today and he came off second best. His back and side were badly bruised. A few minutes after applying Elke's anti-inflammatory oil, he felt a new man. Normally he would have remained whinging on the couch for the evening, but he's bouncing back and out the door for the evening!

Tracey Huenerberg

Healing Salve
Tried the salve on two steam burns on my arm and hand today and wow!.... The pain disappeared almost immediately and so too did the redness. Now it feels like nothing ever happened....simply awesome stuff!!!!

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