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My name is Elke Meyer

About Me

My name is Elke Meyer, and I am the single mother of an energetic, soccer-mad son, and delightful young daughter.

I am a pro-active and vocal advocate against child abuse and domestic violence, and I regularly provide support to victims of both. Our home has an open door policy to all who seek refuge – be it animal or human.

I'm inspired daily with new ways to make Elke's Oils a household name! I welcome all feedback, and can happily say that to date, I have only ever had wonderfully positive feedback about all my products.

I teach Natural Horsemanship using Buddhist based principles with Natural Horsemanship techniques. I have taken in many rescues over the years, and love watching them grow and heal. I am a former Police Officer, and I studied Buddhism in a monastery in Nepal. That changed my life for the better, and I am extremely passionate about being of service to others.

Elke's Oils came about totally by accident. I breed exotic poultry – Belgian d’Uccle, and I had lost a few to Fowl Pox in 2013 and wanted to find a cure. Being the research nut I am, I started looking for a natural way to help them.

I developed the Healing Salve and had extraordinary results. When I posted these results on the Belgian Facebook pages I was part of, people started asking for some. I sent a large batch all around Australia for free to get feedback.

The response was overwhelming, and in a very short period of time it’s uses grew from Fowl Pox; to cracked cow teats; to greasy heel on horses; to hot spots, allergies and grass rashes on dogs; to sunburn, bites, stings, burns, lip balm, psoriasis and eczema on humans; and the list keeps growing.

Elke’s Oils was born

Following the response to the Healing Salve, people started asking me if I could develop new products for all sorts of things. The Anti-Inflammatory Oil came next, and was an immediate hit. Then came the Natural Shampoo & Conditioner; Citrus Body Wash, Rejuvenating Face Cream (one of my favourites) and more!

What an adventure it has been! I am extremely proud of the products, and work incredibly hard researching every single Essential Oil that goes in to them to ensure they provide the optimum benefit for the product. Every ingredient is used for a very specific purpose. I use only the highest quality ingredients, and put as little mark up on them as possible to ensure they are affordable for people. The feedback to date has been overwhelming and truly humbling, and I am very excited about the future for Elke’s Oils!

I am totally committed to continuing to provide high quality, natural, and affordable products for animals and humans which are beautiful to use, and pretty to look at!

All products come in their own organza gift bag, and I regularly have specials or gift packs available.
I am happy to do special orders on sizes if you contact me and let me know what you need.

Thank you for supporting Elke’s Oils. I welcome all feedback, and value your support more than you know.